Our goal

The goal of the Help Education Tacloban Foundation (HET) is to improve education in Tacloban by supporting a school that is in real need of assist We try to do so by donating all kinds of study-materials like pencils, note pads, crayons etc.

How does the HET foundation work?

nog meer aardige kinderenWe are not planning to just send money to the school. Instead we are going there in order to see where and how we can help in the most efficient way. Therefore, we have two contact persons in Tacloban (not connected to the school) who will act as an intermediary. The school will have contact with these contact persons and together they will discuss what is needed and what the costs are. Then the contact persons will send a request to the foundation. The foundation will then again discuss this request and if the foundation agrees upon this request and if sufficient amount of money is available, this necessary amount will be sent back to these contact persons. The contact persons will buy the necessary materials at the local stores in Tacloban (by doing so, the foundation helps small local stores as well) and sees that the materials are delivered at the school. The original bill will be sent to the foundation for administration purposes.