The School

The San Fernando Central School

Map School TaclobanThe school which is being supported by the Help Education Tacloban Foundation is the San Fernando Central School in Tacloban (Philippines). The school has 65 classes with up to 50 to 55 pupils in each class. The school is situated at the corner of Real Street and Lukban Street (see map).

een aantal klaslokalen...Public elementary schools, like the San Fernando Central School, mostly educate pupils from poor families. Families who can afford so will send their children to more luxurious and therefore more expensive private schools.
Every Philippine school obliges both their pupils and their teachers to wear uniforms (from elementary school to university). .This might seem expensive at a first glance, but as the uniforms are bought in lots, the price per uniform is rather low. Another issue is that parents do not have to buy their children ‘’school clothing ‘’ anymore, as they can wear the school uniforms.

The means of the schools are very limited. You can notice this by things like:

  • There are only few books available
  • These are few schools materials available: teachers quite often have to buy their own chalk, paper and other materials, necessary to teach. Besides that, the salary of teachers is not very high.
  • Pupils need school supplies (notebooks, pencils, eraser, bloc note, crayons etc.) which will cost about P500.- (around €6.- ), but very often, parents cannot afford to buy these materials. Nevertheless, these school supplies are necessary to follow class and to make tests, but more over 50% of the pupils cannot afford this and don’t have these materials.
  • Classrooms are very simple and are equipped with very old furniture

een aantal klaslokalen...Nevertheless, at this school pupils and staff are working in a very enthusiastic way. Like in 2005, when the school got free paint in order to re-paint a number of classrooms: Because there was no money available to hire a professional painter, the teachers (mainly woman) and parents volunteered to paint the school during it’s vacation.
Besides that, a lot of other projects are developed in the past years, like a gardening project (where pupils are growing vegetables and flowers), an astronomy project (where pupils made a model of the solar system), a science project and so on.


Where is the school located?

Tacloban City is the capital of the province of Leyte (Philippines) on the island of Leyte. Tacloban City is the largest city on the island and the regional centre of the Eastern Visayas. The city encounters about 190,000 inhabitants spread over 35,000 families.

Kaart PhillipijnenLong time ago, Tacloban was a small village of fisherman and part of Basey on the island of Samar. The name Tacloban has its origin in the word Taklub, which is a kind of basket to catch fish. At the end of the 18th century, Tacloban developed as a major trading place.

Tacloban City is divided in 138 barangays (districts). Most barangays have only a number, not a name.
The city is situated at Cancabato Bay in San Juanico Strait, dividing the island of Leyte from the island of Samar. The two islands Leyte and Samar are here connected here with the longest bridge of South-Eastern Asia, the San Juanico Bridge

To travel from Manila, the capital of the Philippines, to Tacloban, it is possible to take the airplane (about 1 hour fly) or the bus (about 24 hours of travel). Tacloban is situated about 550 kilometres south-east of Manila.